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When it comes to window shutters styles that will complement your every room and highlight every window recess, our magnificent collection is the obvious choice. Capitalise on every inch of your property and make your home feel cozy and bright with our versatile shutters that complement even those troublesome but charming unusual shapes.

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We recommend all of our excellent shutter styles in our vast collection

We can’t praise our fantastic styles and our remarkably vast range highly enough, and we hope you’ll find they suit your home splendidly. Our most popular styles are the bay window and full-height, which are so flattering to classical elements seen in traditional British dwellings. The cafe and tier-on-tier window shutter styles follow suit, falling in line with the requirements and expectations of contemporary property owners

Our window shutters styles are so flexible they will fit almost any window shape possible

Full Height

The crowd-pleasing full-height style is a single panel shutter that runs from the top to the bottom of your window or door recess. These shutters are immensely practical, giving you complete control light. The width of the panels is completely up to you, but we will give you some indications in the consultation phase. Depending on the type of window frame, you may be able to hinge them in such a way as to cover the whole width of the window, for a seamless fit. For larger shutter panels, a mid-rail can be added to make them more rigid and sturdy, as well as to enhance privacy with top and bottom sections divided according to your wishes.

Bay Window

That archetypal and much-loved window style, the bay window, is one we simply couldn’t overlook from our collection.With respect to these window styles, we are able to offer you installations for square, as well as 3 to 5 and 7-sided bays. The prototypical 90 degree bay frame is one we hold ample stocks for, but our services extend to custom-fit shutters for one-of-a-kind frames, as well.Our tailor-made installations offer a flawless fit and a perfectly polished look, whatever the size and shape of the frame.

Special Shape/Angles/Curved

If you have the great fortune of owning a house with styled windows, then tailor-made shutters should enable you to exploit their deep-rooted charm to the full. Though slightly more limited in the diversity of their materials than other shutters, these curved and angled window shutters styles will be stunning, nevertheless, as they will fit the frames and blend in with the general décor magnificently.


Similar to the Full-Height window shutters styles in design and outline, the Tier-on-Tier shutters feature is an ensemble of two Full-Height panels set one on top of the other. Operated independently, Tier-on-Tier shutters provide many more layout options than the Full-Height counterparts. As you close the bottom panels and open the ones above, your shutters will instantly switch to a layout resembling the Café Style. When only the louvres are operated while the panels are kept shut, light ingress is restricted as the bottom rail on the panel above and the top rail on the panel below can’t be adjusted like louvres.

Solid Shutters

Gorgeous as the installations above may be, we’re also more than happy to fit your windows and doors with traditional shutters. They come in no less than four styles and are made exclusively of hardwood. The most fashionable at present are the Solid Shaker and Solid Base styles, and we recommend them for reserved, traditional settings.

French Doors

As practical as French Door window treatments may be, they can occasionally get in your way. Just as you try to use the doors or windows, the coverings slide and shift, keeping you from turning the handles. But with our versatile French Door installations, you won’t be dealing with bothersome obstacles anymore. Our solution combines shutters that are fixed to the face of the doors and handle cut-outs that allow you to grip and release your handles effortlessly.

Café Style

If you can’t have your morning coffee in the privacy and comfort of your favourite bistro, perhaps the café could come to your home, instead. That’s the idea behind the splendid Café window shutters styles. Under the cover of the lower panels, which keep eye-level visual access minimal, you’ll be able to enjoy the rich, creamy coffee at leisure. Used in combination with blinds and curtains, these shutters could offer you total, unapologetic privacy.


For door or window installations with a bit of length to them, Bi-Fold shutters are the obvious choice. These systems concertina along the upper and lower tracks for optimum privacy and immediate access. To temper the light ingress, simply operate them remotely, in the comfort of your lounge. Once opened, they allow you to enjoy your view while also saving considerable space in the process. Operate them jointly or individually for perfect lighting and privacy.


Another installation dedicated to French Door frames, the By-Pass window shutters come with panels that slide past one another along tracks fitted to the top and bottom of the recess. By-Pass shutters can be combined to create complex systems or simple room partitions. They can also serve as wardrobe doors or room dividers.


The wardrobe system comprises Bi-Fold and By-Pass panels. The space these window shutter styles take up will vary, but By-Pass shutters constantly have the width of a panel in position, at a minimum. The concertinaed Bi-Fold panel, on the other hand, will protrude into the room and take up space equal to its depth.

Our window shutters styles are so flexible they will fit almost any window shape possible

With window shutters styles as versatile as ours, we’re bound to put together installations that will enable you to avail yourself of even the most oddly angled or shaped windows. From standard port holes and roof gables to never-before-seen shapes and angles, all imaginable windows are our specialty. Not only are the shutters made of premium materials, but they are also backed up by our extended experience in door and window installations.

These shutter styles boast vibrant colours, premium materials, and tailor-made configurations that will make them a window treatment to be enjoyed for many years. Fittings such as these will accommodate any space and they will make allowance for particularities, including door handles. Uniform patterns, diverse colour ranges and perfect alignment create installations that blend in seamlessly with your interior décor.

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