French door shutters with Shuttercraft:

  • Made to your requirements

  • Fixed directly to the door

  • Custom colours available

  • Easy to clean

Shutters are the perfect companion for French doors. Ideal for patios and balconies across the UK, French doors add a touch of elegance to homes.

If you are looking for better privacy and light control, then consider shutters as a stylish, practical solution.

Shuttercraft make light work of helping you choose the best solution for your space. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary style, we provide advice on the products that are right for you. You can order the same shutters for your French door and windows for a uniform look, and our custom colour option allows you to match any high street paint.

Practical and stylish

French shutters fitted by your local Shuttercraft will help emphasise the beauty of the glass, allowing you to control the light to suit your needs. Our shutters are fixed directly to the door, not the frame. They come with a cut out for features such as handles and locks, helping you make the most of your existing space, whether open or closed.

French doors are not just stylish, but also practical. The panels are easy to open, providing quick and simple access for cleaning. Shutters can help provide shade and reduce the room temperature in the summer. They also add an additional layer to the door, providing insulation when closed.

Ultimate light control

Shutters make the light work in your home, letting sun or streetlights stream in to your rooms, even when the French door is closed. The louvres can be tilted so you can let in as much (or as little) light as you want, whatever the time of day. Even with shutters fitted, you can enjoy the sunlight, while keeping your privacy.

One thing to consider with French door shutters is that they do make the door wider, so you need to consider the space implications this could have. Contact a Shuttercraft expert in your area to get their advice.

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