Full Height shutters for Dining Room in Rothwell

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Rothwell Leeds Window Shutters for Dining Room

Full Height shutters for Dining Room in Rothwell

We recently helped transform a home in Rothwell, a market town to the South East of Leeds. The customers wanted to achieve a more contemporary look in their home, and thought that shutters would complement their existing décor nicely.

At the free survey for the couple, we helped them make more informed decisions on choices of shutters available to them. Using our ‘no hard sell’ approach, we advised on what would complement their taste in interior design and requirements for the home.

Rothwell full height for kitchen shuttersIn the dining room, the customers wanted the clean lines that shutters provided, helping create a much less cluttered look in the space. For the kitchen, shutters were a much more practical choice, being much easier to clean than curtains or fabric blinds.

For consistency, and to help the couple achieve the “clean lines” look, we decided on using Full Height for both the windows and patio doors. As it proved to be more cost effective for their needs, the couple selected the MDF Antigua material.

Silk White was chosen as the colour due to personal preference, and 76mm louvres were desired for the panels, in order to make the most of the light through the windows.

Following the couple’s brief of a less-cluttered look, we helped them select the silent tilt rod option, to maintain functionality and louvre control without the addition of a visible tilt rod.

This is what our customers had to say: “We are both highly delighted with the look and standard of the shutters and fitting. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and family.”

Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Silk white
  • Style: Full Height
  • Placement: Windows and Patio Doors
  • Material: Antigua
  • Louvre size: 76mm
  • Location: Rothwell, Leeds

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