Door shutters for a family home in Kirklees

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Yorkshire Patio Door Shutters

Door shutters for a family home in Kirklees

We recently installed a couple of door shutters for Judith, one of our customers who lives with her family in Kirklees.

Family Home West Yorkshire ShuttersAlthough based in a scenic part of the town, our customer wanted something to cover the clear glass on the front door. As well as providing light control, shutters would also provide privacy for the property without the need to replace the door itself.

Working with Judith to understand her design ideas and requirements, we helped her settle on the Bermuda range. As a combination of MDF shutters with ABS louvres, Bermuda is lighter than the standard MDF Antigua range, making it more suitable to the larger panels needed for the shutter doors.

There were a number of design features for the shutters which we also helped Judith to choose at the initial survey. She chose Silk White for the colour, based on personal preference and how it fitted with the rest of the room. A silent tilt rod mechanism was chosen to provide a cleaner appearance. A mid-rail was also added for the door shutters to provide stability to the panels.

One of the unique challenges of this install was that our fitters needed to modify a standard frame so that the shutters would sit flush (in line with) the depth of the skirting board. This was an important element to consider, so that the shutters could be folded right back, allowing the door to open.

Mirfield Patio Door Shutter Modified FrameWe had previously installed shutters for Judith, for glass doors on the first floor that opened onto a narrow balcony. These also needed the frame to be modified to allow patio doors to open fully inwards.

As a newer property, there were a number of stylistic features such as glass doors that provide a challenge for the occupants. Located halfway between Dewsbury and Brighouse, the area is known for being the birthplace of the famous actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

This is what she had to say: “Love the new shutter, just as I’d anticipated, but better.”

Judith also said this about the previous installation we carried out: “Thank you so much for a wonderful job. I love them. I knew they’d look good, but didn’t imagine they’d look so fabulous.”

Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Silk White
  • Style: Full Height
  • Features: Silent tilt rod / Mid-rail
  • Material: Bermuda
  • Louvre size: 76mm
  • Location: Kirklees

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